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Alum-Knights Visits to True Blue
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Did you remember that the SGU mascot is a Knight? Check out alum-knights who have been at True Blue campus recently, and what they've been up to!


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Visiting SVM Alumni Hosts Student Talk @ Caribbean House

Posted By Tonya Duncan-Phillip (Duncan), Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alumni visiting campus for the 6th SVM Continuing Education Conference last week took some time off to talk to students in an SVMAA Alumni Grand Round.  


Grand Rounds provide interested students an opportunity to network with alumni visiting Grenada.  Alumni hosting the talk were: Dr. Heather Douglas '06, Dr. Haley Knowlton '14 and Dr. Kenrith Carter '15. 


Alumni Relations extends a hearty 'thank you' to our wonderful alumni for taking time to share with students!

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SGUSOM '12 Alum Dr. Katrina Godderz Hosts a Dynamic Grand Round!

Posted By Tonya Duncan-Phillip (Duncan), Saturday, October 24, 2015

Last Friday saw the hosting of a dynamic and informative Grand Round presentation by SGUSOM 2012 Alum Dr. Katrina Godderz.  An Emergency Medicine Physician based in Miami, Dr. Godderz spent over an hour describing her SGU experience, and her career path to her current position. Dr. Godderz' enthusiasm for her chosen field and her pride in SGU were palpable.  As Dr. Frances McGill, who attended the session, put it " they'll all want to be emergency doctors!" 


Dr. Godderz and her guest Ms. Audrey Long spent a week vacationing in Grenada, revisiting old haunts. In addition to her Grand Round presentation, Dr. Godderz also held a student talk with the Emergency Medicine Club.  While a student, Dr. Godderz was actively involved with several student organizations including IEA and AMSA.


In her advice to the students, she emphasized that "happy people make happy doctors. Take time for yourself, in order to make time for your studies and your patients."


Thank you Dr. Godderz for spending the evening with us - we look forward to your next visit!

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Posted By Tonya Duncan-Phillip (Duncan), Wednesday, October 14, 2015

For the second time this year, Grenadians benefited from the expertise of Dr. Philip Fiore, a Friend of SGU, who specializes in Ophthalmology.


Dr. Fiore, who has been facilitating similar clinics in Grenada over the past three (3) years was initially roped in by Alumnus Dr. Orazio Giliberti, SGUSOM '82, who leads the Alumni team conducting Ophthalmology missions on island.  


Dr. Fiore and a medical technician were recently in Grenada over the period October 5 - 9, 2015 during which time he reviewed 115 cases.  According to Brendon La Grenade, Director of Medical Specialties Programs here at SGU, he was also able to conduct 7 extra-cap cataract surgeries, out of a planned 16 procedures, using manual extraction as there was an equipment malfunction.


Dr. Fiore is expected to conduct another clinic in late November 2015.


Alumni Relations extends a hearty 'thank you' to Dr. Fiore and his team, and we look forward to his next visit!


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Posted By Tonya Duncan-Phillip (Duncan), Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Over the period of September 24 - Oct 3, 2015, Dr. Lanzieri and his Cardiology Team of 5 were able to complete their 2nd Interventional Cardiology Clinic in Grenada.


A dedicated alumnus, Dr. Lanzieri has been working along with fellow alumnus Dr. Ralph Cardamone, SGUSOM '82, to establish an efficient and much needed Adult Cardiology Clinic in Grenada since 2000.


According to Brendon La Grenade, Director of Medical Specialties Programs at SGU, the Interventional Cardiology Clinic, first held in February of this year, brings to fruition another phase of the cardiology program.  During this second visit, Dr. Lanzieri and team were able to screen 27 local patients leading to the performance of 9 coronary angiograms, 3 angioplasties and 3 pacemaker implants.


We congratulate Dr. Lanzieri and his team on the successful realization of this goal!


[Pictures compliments the SGU Office of Communications & Publications]

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SVM CE Office Hosts its 6th successful conference at True Blue!

Posted By Tonya Duncan-Phillip (Duncan), Monday, October 12, 2015



Following one of it's mandates to contribute to the development of SVM Alumni, the SGUSVM CE Office held it's 6th conference on the True Blue Campus entitled - "Imaging: An Aid in Diagnosis of Disease in Small Animals." This event welcomed 15 alumni among the participants, several of whom flew in for the CE. Welcome back, alums!


Ross Peterson 2003
Wellington Moore 2003
Nicole Hjelle 2005
Nathalie Rubin 2005
Jared Morgan 2005
Heather Douglas 2006
Sharon Sage 2006
Linda Colburn 2007
Ivana Ayala 2013
Christine Cho 2013
Deborah Shanks 2013
Wendy Peterson 2014
Amy Mathiak 2014
Haley Knowlton 2014
Kenrith Carter 2015

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SVM Grads Attend 2nd Aquatic Medicine CE on Campus!

Posted By Administration, Saturday, April 11, 2015

A happy group of SVM Alumni are participants in the 2nd Aquatic Medicine Conference [An Overview of Aquatic Medicine for the Veterinary Practitioner] being held at the True Blue Campus this weekend.  The RACE-accredited CE will be held at the Aquatic Animal Medicine Research Lab.

They are: brothers Dr. Wellington Moore '03 & Dr. Robert Moore '13, Dr. Ross Peterson '03 and his wife Dr. Wendy Peterson '14, and one of our newest alumni, Dr. Kenrith Carter '15.

We wish them a fun, and informative weekend!


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2012 Grads on Campus this week!

Posted By Administration, Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another batch of alumni are visiting True Blue this week! 2012 Graduates - Dr. Danielle Krol, Dr. Jessica Best, Dr. Vanessa Hoy and Dr. Lorraine Toner are celebrating a mini reunion in Grenada. Apart from relaxing on Grand Anse Beach, the alumni took some time to visit with Dr. Bhusnurmath, Dr. Rao and the Alumni Relations Staff, as well as tour the campus.

All four doctors will be hosting an SOMAA Alumni Grand Round at Patrick Adams Hall later today.

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Elizabeth Louie Visits Alumni Relations Office

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Louie (SGUSOM '90) took some time to visit the Alumni Relations Office during her last visit to True Blue Campus.


Dr. Louie is Co-coordinator for the SOMAA South East Chapter which will be hosting it's first ever social event in April 2015.

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SGU Alumni Return to Grenada for 5-year Reunion!

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This past February a group alumni & friends returned to Grenada, and True Blue Campus, to celebrate a 5 year reunion. In so doing, this group of primarily 2010 grads presided over the largest Alumni Grand Rounds to date, with over 200 current SOMAA students in attendance.  The Alumni Group comprised:


Danielle Hirsch MD SGU '10

Purvi Parikh, MD SGU ’08

Dr. Shane Svoboda, MD SGU ’10

Robert Pivec, MD SGU '10

Maya Lin, MD SGU '10

Shimal Sanghvi, MD SGU '10

Rachit Patel, MD SGU '10

Priya Patel, MD SGU '10

Aditi Kapil, MD SGU '10

Ravi Alluri, MD SGU '10

Andrew Persits, MD SGU '10

Idrees Danishpajooh, MD SGU '10

Anita Narasimhan, MD SGU '10

Kamyar Nader, MD SGU '10

Rahul Patel, MD SGU '11

Ansar Vance, MD 2012


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Dr. Kenneth Stark hosts Rheumatology Workshop

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dr. Kenneth Stark, Charter Class Alumnus, was at True Blue Campus this past February 2015. Dr. Stark is one of the growing number of alumni who has a child currently enrolled at SGU. Yaye Knights! Dr. Stark was also a nominee for Treasurer in the recent SOMAA elections.


On this last visit, Dr. Stark combined volunteerism with his vacation, as he was able to conduct a Rheumatology workshop for the University Health Services (UHS) Clinicians, and attend to some cases.  In addition to this, he had meetings with the Internal Medicine Director (Alumnus Dr. Dolland Noel) and the Director of University Health Services, Dr. Katherine Yearwood, as it relates to his specialty, Rheumatology.

We look forward to meeting Dr. Stark on his next visit to Grenada!

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